FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete a DWI assessment?

A DWI assessment takes about 45 minutes to an hour depending on the client ability to read and complete papers.

What is involved in the assessment and how long does it take to complete each process?

Our assessment and evaluation involve:

First, welcoming you to our agency, providing you with your rights and other informed consents to provide you our services. 5-10 minutes.

Second, providing you a quick survey or test about your attitude regarding alcohol or drug or any other reason you came to us for assessment. 8-12 minutes.

Third, a structured interview between you and out a counselor to better understand your viewpoint about what happened. 10-15 minutes

Finally, a discussion of the information obtained and providing you a recommendation for services.  3-5 minutes.

Please note that we take bias out of our assessment by utilizing computerize assessment tool to grade your questionnaire and offering you an opportunity to review and provide feedback on your testing and recommendation.

What are the possible recommendations and how long do they cost:

Possible Assessment recommendations:

  1. No alcohol or drug problems or deferred diagnosis-recommendation to participate  and complete a 16 hours prevention program called Alcohol and Drug Education Traffic school class (ADETS) (or DWI , open container and underage drinking clients)  or 12-15 hours Cognitive Behavior Intervention called drug Education class for drug possession, paraphernalia and drug use clients.
  2. Level One: Mild Substance Use Disorder– Recommendation to complete a short term treatment with a minimum of 20 hours in not less than 30 calendar days.
  3. Level Two: Moderate Substance Use-Recommendation to complete a longer-term treatment than the above with a minimum of 40 hours to be completed in not less than 60 days.
  4. Level 3 or 4: Severe substance use disorder-Recommendation to complete substance abuse intensive outpatient services also called SAIOP, or other day treatment services or residential /medically monitored treatment depending on the severity of your problems and your treatment needs.

Do I need an appointment to come to your program?

Yes. We prefer that you call us to be scheduled.  We offer the same day assessment and you can always reschedule with no problems. We can accommodate you at any time but we want to have time to prepare for your coming so that you don’t have to wait upon arrival. We don’t have any waiting line in our program.

Do I have to pay for my assessment?

Yes. Everyone pays for our assessment and education services at arrival. These services take a day up to a week to complete. We can help you arrange payment plan for services that takes 30 days or more with a minimum down payment to start the program.  We take all forms of Insurance with pre-approval insurance benefit payment. We are in network with some of major insurance and Medicaid. We take cash, debit, credit, Visa, Master, American Express and other Credit cards.

What is your schedule for treatment?

We have morning and evening class schedule. We also provide weekend services with appointment. We will work with you to break common barriers to treatment to ensure that you do not lose job, chose between child care of your child and treatment and manage your transportation problems as well as other needs you may have to have a successful completion to meet your self-chosen or court ordered treatment.

Do you send E508 to DMV?

Yes. We send both assessment E508 and Treatment completion E508 to DMV ASAP and within two weeks from the day we are notified of correct conviction date. E508 is electronic or computer base form that state approve DWI agencies complete upon completing assessment and upon completing treatment. When DMV ask that a client have an assessment and have an E508 send to them, DMV actually means that you complete assessment and recommendation of the assessment and other requirements such as participation in the class and completing payment. E508 is sent after guilty verdict and after DMV has received the conviction report from the court.

Are there additional cost?

If for any reason we ask you for a drug screen at assessment, the cost will be free.  If we think you may be using drugs or has a bizarre behavior that may require us to rule out alcohol or drug use during your treatment during your treatment plan review or if your probation officer or court ask that we provide you with ongoing random drug screen, you or your insurance will be require to pay for that drug screen each time we give it. We require that you pay any treatment fee not covered by your insurance.